Once we have got enough tweets with the #movemeon tag the idea is to publish these in book form for posterity. An e-book will be freely downloadable and the physical book will be available at cost price. We shall use a self-publishing service such as for this.


  1. IMPORTANT: Download this **cover template** (6 inches by 9 inches, 300dpi)
  2. Think of a design idea - remember that these ideas were crowdsourced on Twitter, so something reflecting that would be a good idea!
  3. Include the title #movemeon somewhere, along with a relevant subtitle - something like: Ideas from teachers *for* teachers!
  4. Edit this page and upload your image. Either that, or upload it to Flickr and embed it here. Make sure you include your Twitter username!

1. Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw ) - this is a simple Wordle of relevant words, as suggested by @Speccymatt to kick things off. You can do better!

(click on image to go to larger version on Flickr )
external image 4135665266_5cd3ccc44d.jpg

2. Stuart Ridout - this is a concept for a book theme. There is a cover and sample pages here to illustrate what it might look like. All comments welcome @storiesfun

3. Chris Smy - Just a simple cover - and a quick visual to catch the eye. Feel free to malign... @chris_1974


4. Stuart Ridout - after comments and suggestions for improvements ... v2 of the book theme concept. All comments welcome @storiesfun

My favorite Book Collection: Secrets of Masons (120 books and secret journals; the wikileaks of masonry)